Monday, June 14, 2010

[23:17] TheBrogWorks: i'm going slightly mad
[23:18] TheBrogWorks: i work
[23:19] TheBrogWorks: in pants
[23:19] TheBrogWorks: of solid gold
[23:19] TheBrogWorks: in a jotting factory
[23:19] TheBrogWorks: spects and dots are my specialty
[23:20] TheBrogWorks: sorry, spectres
[23:20] TheBrogWorks: i deal with ghosts
[23:20] TheBrogWorks: in my golden pants
[23:20] TheBrogWorks: they hold together nicely
[23:21] TheBrogWorks: some would ask why they dont weigh me down
[23:21] TheBrogWorks: i tell them i have magic suspenders
[23:21] TheBrogWorks: but its a lie
[23:21] TheBrogWorks: so anywho
[23:21] TheBrogWorks: i was talking to this snail the other day
[23:22] TheBrogWorks: and he was like, liscence and registration please
[23:23] TheBrogWorks: and i was like, then the innkeeper said but that
IS my wife! and i guess the snail doesnt like hearing the punchline before the punch
[23:23] TheBrogWorks: but when he asked me to step out of the vehicle i hit him
[23:23] TheBrogWorks: i mean, when a snail pulls you out of a vahicle,
after telliing your best joke
[23:23] TheBrogWorks: you gotta hit him
[23:24] TheBrogWorks: but he wasnt so happy
[23:24] TheBrogWorks: he spit acid in my eyes
[23:24] TheBrogWorks: which i wasnt aware snails could do
[23:24] TheBrogWorks: and then he made his shell big and stuffed me inside
[23:24] TheBrogWorks: but i was lucky
[23:25] TheBrogWorks: cus apparantly when you hit an acid spitting snail,
he forgets to lock his shell
[23:25] TheBrogWorks: tuck and roll my friend, tuck and roll
[23:25] TheBrogWorks: well this particular snail could fly
[23:25] TheBrogWorks: so after falling quite a ways
[23:25] TheBrogWorks: i found my way, still blinded, back to my vehicle
[23:26] TheBrogWorks: which somone was in
[23:26] TheBrogWorks: and they were shouting at me
[23:26] TheBrogWorks: "who are you? why are you pulling me out of my car!?!? please dont hurt me"
[23:26] TheBrogWorks: and all i could think was, aaag, what a racket, get out of my vehicle
[23:27] TheBrogWorks: and also "how will i drive this withough seeing?
[23:27] TheBrogWorks: so i put on my smellin glasses
[23:27] TheBrogWorks: and went by scent
[23:27] TheBrogWorks: golly it got loud that day
[23:27] TheBrogWorks: metal aint quiet, guess thats why the kids love it these days
[23:28] TheBrogWorks: yeah, long story short i have a strange new vehicle in my livingroom
[23:28] TheBrogWorks: and a lovely new entrance in my house
[23:29] TheBrogWorks: who's pictures are these on the mantle? i never had a mantle here before
[23:29] TheBrogWorks: nevermind it

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


this sums up love, i am pretty sure


looks like what they are saying, no?