Thursday, August 19, 2010


[21:59] DrGasparo: i had a dream that i thought i heard

aliens and i looked out my window and there was no moon

or stars
[22:00] DrGasparo: so i grabbed a flashlight and ran to

the door
[22:00] DrGasparo: and i swear i saw the trailer end of

a big mac truck
[22:00] DrGasparo: and was illuminated by moonlight but i

could not see the moon
[22:01] DrGasparo: perhaps, it was hidden from me from

fog? or perhaps a break in the clouds above the tractor

[22:01] DrGasparo: but i moved towards it
[22:01] DrGasparo: and it went in reverse
[22:02] DrGasparo: with no truck pulling or pushing it
[22:02] DrGasparo: the tires did not move
[22:02] DrGasparo: and i thought to shout
[22:02] DrGasparo: and my mouth opened
[22:02] DrGasparo: and i wanted to say 'YOU'RE MOVING

BACKWARD I AM AWARE' but i could not shout
[22:03] DrGasparo: all that came out was a whimper "...

[22:03] DrGasparo: and it turned black as it moved closer
[22:03] DrGasparo: and everything went black
[22:03] DrGasparo: and i am awakened by a police officer
[22:04] DrGasparo: i am in a daze and my vision is blurry
[22:04] DrGasparo: i was jjust sitting on the white bench

they say
[22:04] DrGasparo: staring
[22:04] DrGasparo: the police escorted me to a limosine

down my road
[22:04] DrGasparo: inside were two men
[22:05] DrGasparo: one with a briefcase, a tweed jacket,

the other in a black suit and black sunglasses, his hand

in his jacket conceiling something...
[22:06] DrGasparo: the man in the tweed jacket spoke,

"what were you doing on your porch?"
[22:06] DrGasparo: and i think his briefcase was

[22:06] DrGasparo: but i said "the light"
[22:07] DrGasparo: he said "ah, this is common in every

[22:08] DrGasparo: ...what you've experienced was the

effect of a sonically induced sensory deprivation shroud"
[22:08] DrGasparo: that statement woke me up a little bit
[22:09] DrGasparo: "thats not possible" i shrugged
[22:09] DrGasparo: and blinked, confused
[22:10] DrGasparo: "well, we didn't think so either...

they've been using it on us everywhere for a long ass

[22:11] DrGasparo: "we've discovered how it works. it

amplifies the frequency of the movement of quarks
[22:11] DrGasparo: the space between space
[22:11] DrGasparo: this is so beyond our level of

science, hahaha"
[22:12] DrGasparo: i blinked again... "what? who can use

it if it doesn't exist? what happened"
[22:16] DrGasparo: the man rambled on again, "well when

you are speaking of particle physics, they seem to have a

mind of their own, and theres research involving the

space between these particles...its all theory ofcourse,

ahaha...they're called quarks. ever hear of dark matter?

heehee, anyway, think of a light wave, and picture it as

an actual wave, the space between the waves is the

nullspace that gets amplified. it's in reality the song

of nothingness. it drives your nervous system batshit

crazy. well, all vertibrates.
[22:17] DrGasparo: well a few weeks ago we saw some blank

spot on the telescope moving towards us, and another

moving away simultaniously"
[22:19] DrGasparo: "well all humans are affected the

same, the light seems to dim to nothing, sound goes so

you can't hear your own voice, then touch, most people

fall down at this point, then taste, and they say smell

is the last to go...all with a soundwave!!"
[22:20] DrGasparo: "well most people are affected at

about 600 meters"
[22:21] DrGasparo: "and about 1 in 14 million people are

affected by only 50 meters or so"
[22:22] DrGasparo: "they are the ones who remember too

[22:22] DrGasparo: then the man in the black suit moved

and my vision went black again, and i woke up and it was

still night
[22:22] DrGasparo: that was my dream
[22:22] DrGasparo: enjoy

tip my glass back

i saw this at the bottom of an empty glass once, i swear it.